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May 20, 2009

I’m staring at a Windows Vista computer with two count downs on the desktop:

  • 24 Days until our Malawi Trip!
  • 59 Days until our Wedding!

Next Monday is Memorial Day.  I’m so ready for a day off work.  Things have been quite busy, lately.  In addition to keeping up with my regular work load, I’m trying to document as much as I can so that the office can better cover my responsibilities during my vacation in Malawi.

Next Tuesday, I fly out for a business trip.  I return Saturday evening.  I have a bonfire to attend that night, too.  It’s a reunion, of sorts.  The most amazing church youth group — who, I should add, may be mostly responsible for the current restrictions on bonfire sizes and materials — will be gathering for one last flame (haha, not really).  But, I’m still looking forward to hanging with my peeps, even if the bonfire itself is shamefully small.

After my business trip, I will have two weeks to complete any pressing tasks and complete my documentation effort before I leave for Malawi.

After returning from Malawi, I will have 5 days to recover from jet lag and to prepare for my wedding.

I’m watching the calendar.  And, I’m feeling the weight of “So much to do.  So little time.”