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Visiting Angel

June 21, 2009

Friday, Vicki, Crisha and I took a couple mini buses and bicycle taxis out to Chipoka Secondary School to stay with Lisa’s friend, Angel. Angel lives in a small 10’x12′ single room, brick house.  Her kitchen, shower and toilet are outside, in an enclosed courtyard.

After we’d dropped off our backpacks, we went down to the harbor, where we found the Ilala docked.  I’m told this is quite the event for Chipoka.  Then, we along the lake, past some cows and sat on a couple benches on the beach in front of the Chipoka Lodge.  A waiter came out to us and chatted for a bit.  We ordered some Cokes and Fantas and the bar tender brought them out.  It was very peaceful and relaxing.

Bertha and her sister made nsima, steamed vegetables, fish and goat entrails for dinner at Clement’s place.  After dinner, there was a party.  Clement put on some music videos, cranked up the volume and began to dance.  Crisha, Angel, Bertha and Evan danced as well, much to the entertainment of Vicki and myself.

Crisha and Vicki left the party around 11:30pm with Angel.  Around 12:30am, I crashed in a back bedroom at Clement’s place.  I found out in the morning that the party went ’till 2 in the morning!

We had some breakfast at Angel’s place.  Then, we went to go visit Clement’s math class.  The day’s lesson was on paying electric, water and telephone bills.  The students weren’t very responsive to Clement’s questions, but that was probably because there were 4 white people sitting in the back of the classroom.

Around 11am, we headed back down to catch a mini bus.  Angel rode to Salima with us and walked us around the town a bit.  We stopped at some shops and bought some Chitenges.  Around 1pm, we jumped on a mini bus headed for the Lilongwe, and Angel caught a mini bus back to Chipoka.

Angel will be going on safari with us.  So, we’ll see her again in a few days.

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