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Sprinkler timer installed

August 8, 2010

Saturday evening, I installed our sprinkler timer. I’m very excited about the way this is coming together.

Dishwasher? Check!

July 22, 2010

Last night, after Comic-Con (of course!), I finished installing the dishwasher.  Hooray!

Sprinklers are nearly done

July 19, 2010

This weekend, Crisha and I made a lot of progress on the sprinklers.

We built a manifold for the four valves that we’ll start with. We still need to run the funny pipe and drip irrigation and program the sprinkler timer. We hope to get the rest done in the next week or so.

We also mounted a garden hose on the fence. And, I was able to re-use a 1/2 in. shut-off valve, so that I can turn off all the sprinkler valves (should something go horribly wrong), while keeping the garden hose charged.

Bazinga! 😉

Sprinkler progress

July 14, 2010

It was a little harder to start than I anticipated, but I’ve busted out most of the cement around the water bib next to the strawberry plants. I plan to install sprinkler valves and drip irrigation to water the vegetables and plants along this side of the house.

Yesterday, I was able to pull a string between the carport attic and the house attic, over the carport doors. I’m excited to be able to pull cables through there. I’m thinking about putting phone and maybe data ports in the carport closet, as well as pull a control line from the garage door opener into the house — and, of course, sprinkler lines from the controller in the laundry room out to the strawberries.

Cabling Photos

December 16, 2009

I have uploaded some photos to Flickr (here) from our cabling projects: Preping for Network and Cabling Started, Worked Stopped.

Bye-Bye Bath Tub

December 16, 2009

Our hall bath tub was rusted through.  Of course, when you rip a tub out, you ruin the tile.  So, we went ahead and ripped all of our tile out as well as the tub.  In doing so, we revealed mold/mildew and water damage within the adjacent walls.  Not an exciting discovery.

Gene, took all the tiles down over a weekend.  I took all the cement down over three weeknights.  And he and I both removed the tub and replaced the bad lumber on a Sunday afternoon.  The new bath is yet to come.

Photos are on Flickr: here!

We have heat!

December 16, 2009

After a couple tries, we finally were able to have SDG&E turn on our furnace on Dec 9th. But, it wasn’t until the evening of Dec 11th that we had any heat in the Guest Suite, where we’re living.

Photos are on Flickr: here!

Popcorn Be Gone

November 11, 2009

I took off work today. Crisha and I scrapped the popcorn off of the dining room, family room and entry way.  Crisha also groomed the garden areas.  My deltoids are so very soar, and Crisha’s back is popping like mad. Tomorrow, will not be fun.  But, at least the we have a feeling of accomplishment, looking at our popcorn-less ceilings and improved gardens.