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Good Morning, Malawi

June 15, 2009

Crisha and I survived our trip and have arrived safely.  We landed in the mid-afternoon (3 or 4pm, I can’t remember, now).  Lisa drove us to African Bible College (ABC) to drop out luggage off and then took us to a dinner party.  Some of the short term missionaries at one of the local missions were going home.  So, the crew hosted a party.  The best part was the chicken slaying.  Remind me to post the pictures and videos, later.

Crisha is staying with Lisa.  I’m bunking with Andy though Wednesday; then, I’ll be house sitting for the Dehnerts.  The houses are made of brick – kinda like back East – but there are bars on the inside of every window and there are huge bolts on every door.  Security is a concern, but once you lock yourself in, you’re safe.  It’s common for the electricity to go out in the early morning.  The campus is encircled by a tall brick wall with an electric fence on top.  And, the campus has guards patrolling through the night.  But, when the power goes out, people jump it to steal from the campus.

I slept through most of the night.  I woke to the sound of some women yelling and then a panic alarm, (every house on campus has a panic button) which sounds like a car alarm.  The residents say this is not unusual. It was, however, unusual that the thieves went into a house to steal items, normally they take items from the porches – tables, chairs, laundry that was left out, etc. They have NEVER entered someones house, it is a new challenge.  The men of the campus are going to meet tonight and make a plan to have to help prevent/know what to do if something like this happens again.

Water is also unreliable.  I’ve only heard a little from the residents.  It doesn’t sound like it’s out as often as the power, but it’s harder to go without.  Residents need to treat water before it’s drinkable, which means that they need to be prepared for the odd weekend when the water is out.

I think we’re off to school soon.  More stories when we have time… and power… and internet…