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Arriving at JAM 2009

May 27, 2009

This year’s JAM (Jenzabar Annual Meeting) is in Washington D.C. at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center.  (JAM 2009 web page)

I flew in on Tuesday, but had a throbbing headache.  So, after arriving at the resort, I grabbed some food with Bryan and then crashed in my room.  I’m feeling much better, now.  I have about 3 hours before sessions start, and I’ve brought my DSLR, this time.  So, I’m going to explore the resort a bit and take some photos.

JAM 2008

June 2, 2008

Last week, I was in Nashville, Tennessee.  I was attending the 2008 Jenzabar Annual Meeting, which was held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.  I didn’t bring a camera, but I did take a few photos with my phone and uploaded them to Facebook.

Also, Friday night, Jenzabar rented out the Wild Horse Saloon.  I’m not into the whole country music scene, but I thought it was a fun experience.  Three U-shaped floors looking down onto a stage and dance floor.  Again, no camera except my phone.  And unfortunately, my iPhone doesn’t do well with motion or dark shots.  So, forgive the blurriness.


September 26, 2007

Today, I went to the Southern California Informix User Group.  It was a long day (almost 12 hrs).  But I enjoyed it.

Next Chapter

June 30, 2007

Today was my last day working in Graduate Admissions… yeah! Monday, I start in ITS… Yeah!!

I’m excited. 😉

Plotting a Course

June 14, 2007

While looking for something else to copy out of my journal, I found an entry I wrote just before moving to Graduate Admissions. This entry is dated Sunday, April 23, 2006:

I’ve been thinking a bit about my future. Squinting to see the path the Lord has set before me, by examining the path behind me.

When in the shipyard, I was considering quitting in order that I may go back to school full-time and work part-time, in an effort to prepare myself for the full-time ministry I had a strong desire for.

I was notified of a position at Point Loma Nazarene University, where one of the perks for full-time employees is tuition reimbursement. At the time, I felt this was God’s answer to prayer: a way to work on a Bible degree while still working full-time.

I still believe the Lord gave me that position. Too many things happened in just the right timing for this to be coincidence. But, I’ve begun to consider the possibility, that the Lord used my interest in furthering my education to put me in a position for something else.

Having accepted the position of Graduate Admissions Systems Coordinator at the Mission Valley campus, taking classes will become difficult for me. Perhaps the Lord didn’t bring me to Point Loma so that I can work on a Bible degree.

If He didn’t bring me to Point Loma for a Bible degree, why am I here? Well, what have I learned in the eight months I’ve been here? I think I’ve learned more about professionalism in an office environment. I’ve been able to reinforce my organizational skills, and I’ve had an opportunity to develop interpersonal communication and customer service skills.

I still don’t know everything about the position I’ll be starting at in a few weeks. I know that I’ll have more responsibilities, and I may eventually have people working under me. I think the next thing He wants me to work on is my leadership skills.

Leading is a skill I’ve been inconsistent with. On some occasions, I’m confident and firm in my decisions and directions, while on other occasions, I unsure and hesitant to take charge. I feel this will be a big challenge for me, but I’m eager to arrive on the other side of this hill.

Phil 1:6
“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

I really like the second sentence of this journal entry. I often find myself living on auto-pilot — just concentrating on the issues of the day and forgetting to take that occasional step back to see the greater picture. I need to remind myself to review where I’ve been, and to look ahead to see if God has revealed any more of where I’m headed.

Systems Analyst

May 25, 2007

Today, I accepted a job offer for a Systems Analyst position at PLNU. The dates haven’t been solidified yet, but I’ll probably start at the new position on June 18th.

I’ll move back to the main campus, which means I’ll have the ability to carpool with Kraig, who lives 2 blocks from my house. We also plan to bike to work one or two days a week (more often if he has his way). I’ll also be working in the building behind the library, so I’ll be able to stop by Sudi’s office more often.

I’m pretty excited. I will once again be a paid code monkey! 😉

Friday the Thirteenth

April 13, 2007

My Friday was awesome. I was able to make it to Arcadia in record time! I was surprised how well traffic was moving along the 5.

I felt that the meeting was very productive. I hate when meetings are spent complaining about problems without arriving at a solution. This meeting wasn’t as much a decision making meeting, but it was more, lets review the upcoming changes to the catalog — a very necessary discussion.

I also was able to give a very impromptu demonstration of a new web portal feature. Normally, I cannot do that. I am very uncomfortable in front of people, and I need to take my time to familiarize myself with my material to feel comfortable making a presentation (which is why I am very hesitant to teach at church). Fortunately, I performed very well. No quivering lips, no shaky voice, no sweaty palms or weak knees… I felt fairly confident while giving the demonstration, and it really made me proud of myself. 😀

The meeting let out a little after 2pm. I took off for Biola to meet up with Kris and Terri at the debate tournament. Luckily, their day was behind schedule, and I was actually able to observe the debate round that he was originally scheduled to have at 2pm. He was awesome! They didn’t quite have the same crowd response as at Point Loma, but I was proud of him non-the-less.

I left Biola around 5pm, and stopped at “The Condo” in La Jolla.  I met some new folks and played with a Wii for the first time.  Not bad, but I still prefer real sports to Wii Sports.  Left “The Condo” round 11pm, and I’ve been catching up on email since I got home….

Today was fun. Even the LA traffic didn’t phase me. I had my windows down and my music blasting: Lou Bega and Ricky Martin! (I haven’t bought a CD since high school) I’m looking forward to more trips.


March 13, 2007

Work has been rather frustrating lately. And the other day, I jokingly told my dad that I knew why God was putting me through so much stress: to get me in shape!

Sunday, I played racquetball for 4 hours.

Monday, I walked 3.3 miles, then cycled 3.5 miles.

Tuesday, I cycled 13.1 miles.


January 4, 2007

Today, I’ve worked at PLNU as long as I did at NASSCO: 17 months and 9 days. And, I’ve decided to reflect on things.

I’m happy to report that:

  • While at PLNU, I have not fallen through any holes in the floor, nor have I burnt any of my clothes.
  • I don’t get the cardio workout I did at NASSCO, but I don’t get heat exhaustion either.
  • The view from my Mission Valley office isn’t as scenic as the view from the weather decks, but I don’t have to don a hard-hat everywhere I go.
  • The office air-conditioner may break every once in a while, but there are no gas leaks and I have no need for a respirator.
  • I no longer get off because of rain, but I didn’t get paid for those days, either.
  • I don’t have to explain to people what a “university” is, like I did for “shipyard”.
  • I carry around a laptop and business cards, rather than heavy tool bags and blueprints.
  • And I no longer use tools that can hurt me.
  • My boss wears a tie, not a gold hat.

Technical Recruiter from Google?

November 7, 2006

I received an email from someone, which was titled, “Google Found Your Posts on Webmaster Forums and Hiring”. The email reads…. (more…)