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Xmingrc scheme for EditPadPro

October 21, 2009

I’ve been using EditPadPro for more than 6 years. But today, I published my first custom syntax color scheme: Xmingrc.

Chromium on Linux

July 20, 2009

I have successfully built Chromium on my Ubuntu Linux laptop. I simply followed the Linux Build Instructions and a few hours later, I was surfing the ‘net with my shiney new Chromium browser.

Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

Chromium on Ubuntu Linux

To prevent confusion, let me quote the following:

Chromium is an open source browser project. Google Chrome is a browser from Google, based on the Chromium project.

This is a build of Chromium. No versions of Google Chrome for Linux will exist until Google makes an official release.

Google Profiles

May 7, 2009

Check this out…  If you search for my name on Google (like this) and scroll to the bottom, you’ll find my new Google Profile.

Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux

March 23, 2009

And now, I’ve got Team Fortress 2 running on Ubuntu Linux 8.1 using Wine 1.1.6.   I had to turn the graphics way down due to the fact that this is running on a Dell D620 Laptop.

Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux

Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux


SimTower on Ubuntu Linux

March 13, 2009

I just thought I’d share this with ya’ll.  I’ve got my old SimTower game running on Ubuntu Linux 8.1 using Wine 1.1.16.

SimTower on Ubuntu Linux 8.1

SimTower on Ubuntu Linux 8.1

World of World of Warcraft

February 10, 2009

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll want to check it out.  It really is quite amazing.

World of World of Warcrft

Alter Egos

February 3, 2009

I now have email working for all my domains.  Now, mark[at] and mark[at] both forward to mark.hensler[at]

I did this by setting up Google Apps on both of my domains.  Then, configuring the ‘mark’ mailbox to forward to my gmail account and delete the local copy.

Same Blog, New Home

January 21, 2009

So, I got a bill for an automatic renewal of my web host account.  I only thought about it for a couple seconds and decided that I was tired of maintaining my own softwares.  And, I decided that I was going to make the leap towards Software as a Service.

I signed up for a hosted account and point one of my domains at it.  I’ve had for a while and done nothing with it, so it became the target domain for this transition.

I moved all of my blog data over, took a backup of my old filesystem, and canceled my hosting.

I setup to point to my blog.

I updated my Facebook.  (So, my blog posts will automagically be imported as Facebook Notes.)  

And next, I will forward all traffic to this new domain.

I now will have a really cheap online blog that is always running the latest and greatest version.  I think I’ll like this!

AIM over here

July 23, 2008

I installed the AIM iPhone app while walking to my car. I have got to be the most destracted driver in California.

I have a little more time in my commute. So, let me review my experience. AIMing to a txt is slow. AIMing to a Mac with iChat is fast. I’m assuming that when I close the AIM app, I’m logged off the AIM network, but I didn’t ask. Graphically, the app looks great. I think I’ll hang onto it for those bored and lonely moments… Like at the urgent care waiting room. 😉

Upgrade to iPhone 2.0

July 22, 2008

Last night, I updated my iPhone software to v2.0. I have mixed feelings.

This version broke my Wi-Fi, but added tons of new features to my 1st gen phone. The theory I’ve heard is that this version of the firmware/OS has trouble detecting the wi-fi hardware. It is also rumored that Apple is working on a v2.0.1, which should be available soon.

On the positive side, the new Apps Store is amazing. This is the second blog post that I’ve authored with the WordPress app. I’ve also installed “Remote” by Apple, which will allow me to use my iPhone to remote control any iTunes or Apple TV within wi-fi reach. So cool! There are tons of apps available, some excellent, some lousy. But, Apple had enough foresight to add a user-review system to the App Store.

Aside from the apps, I can now sync my phone with the Exchange server at work. And,I can also save images from web pages or emails to my phone.

Bottom line, Apple, fix my wi-fi, and I think you’ve got an unbeatable mobile device.