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Underworld 3?

October 4, 2007

I was just read a short snip on Wikipedia (here) about a possible Underworld 3 — a prequel.  The movie would focus on the creation of the races and the story of Lucian.

In spite of the fact that Kate Beckinsale would have a minor role at best… I’m excited!

Why do we fall?

July 21, 2007

I watched Batman & Robin tonight. You know how it is… it was on TV and I wasn’t doing anything else. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Fun, but I much prefer the new Batman Begins movie! And BTW, the details on the sequel are out! It’s called The Dark Knight.

But anywho, that’s not why I’m blogging. Recently, I took a crash course in railroad crossing (blogged here). I’ve had a few emails and phone calls and whatnot. So, I thought I’d give you all an update. (more…)

New movies

April 26, 2007

I got a couple new movies this week: The Promise; The Little Rascals; 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea; NewsRadio Season 3

Beatbox Recipe

March 2, 2007

I found this on a friends Facebook Wall… so awesome!

Curse of the Golden Flower

December 16, 2006

I just found out about a upcoming movie, Curse of the Golden Flower. It stars Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li!

Unfortunately, the movie release date varies. December 21 in New York. December 22 in Los Angeles. And then January 12, nationwide. I’m thinking about getting some peeps together to go up to LA on the 22nd.


October 24, 2006

Okay… I saw The Prestige Saturday after the Eternity Skate event and again Monday night with my bro and counsin. Excellent movie!

And then today, I bought Identity. A pretty good mystery/suspense movie kinda like Agatha Christie’s (at IMDB, at Wikipedia) “And Then There Were None” (at IMDB, at Wikipedia)…. and for $4.99 at Best Buy this week, I had to get it.

(ps-wow! look at all the links :-P)

Memoirs of a Geisha

March 29, 2006

Memoirs of a GeishaI pre-ordered Memoirs of a Geisha from Amazon about a month ago. It arrived Monday. And I finally had time to see it today.



Com Badge

March 25, 2006

I was just wondering…. how is it that the StarTrek com badges always know who you want to talk to?  I mean, you never see them tuning in to the right frequency and they never get the wrong number.

Ask a Ninja

February 25, 2006

Oh wow… I found Ask a Ninja from banemacleod[dot]com.  I’ve downloaded all of the movies (in quicktime), and I’ve watched about half.  Great stuff.

Cowboy Bebop: Who are you?

February 17, 2006

Jet BlackAww… You’re Jet Black, baby! You’re not afraid to show your delicate side, as your many treasured bonsai plants would say if we asked. Despite this, you’re extremely strong and intelligent, and you’d do practically anything for your best friends.

All of the possible quiz results for this quiz:

  • Spike (You scored 1)
  • Faye (You scored 0)
  • Jet (You scored 4)
  • Vicious (You scored 2)
  • Ed (You scored 1)
  • Julia (You scored 0)
  • Gren (You scored 1)
  • Shin (You scored 0)
  • Victoria Terpsichore (You scored 1)
  • Mushroom (You scored 0)