Chromium on Linux

I have successfully built Chromium on my Ubuntu Linux laptop. I simply followed the Linux Build Instructions and a few hours later, I was surfing the ‘net with my shiney new Chromium browser.

Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

Chromium on Ubuntu Linux

To prevent confusion, let me quote the following:

Chromium is an open source browser project. Google Chrome is a browser from Google, based on the Chromium project.

This is a build of Chromium. No versions of Google Chrome for Linux will exist until Google makes an official release.

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4 Responses to “Chromium on Linux”

  1. Sudi Says:

    Mr. Crisha Hensler, how ’bout some wedding pics, videos and a nice long blog about your magical day…

  2. Dan Says:

    I blogged some pics just now on my blog. Hopefully that will do until Mark posts and official blog entry. I still need to get Mark’s photos. Also I need to edit the video I shot of the wedding.

  3. Uncle Mike Says:

    I have a short video clip at the bottom of Mike and Cindy’s Blog-

  4. Rahul Says:

    In first time I had tried to install but not getting success but in second try I got success to install it.

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