I need more power

On Wednesday, we went to Chitipi, an orphanage associated with Children of the Nations (COTN), for about an hour and a half.  The first half of our visit was spent reading with the 32 kids/teens.

Crisha read with a girl that would have been placed in a moderate/severe class in the States.  Then, she got to hold a 9-month old baby.

I played America vs Malawi football (soccer) barefoot with some of the Westmont College guys.  I tore about 2 square inches of skin off the bottom of my right foot.

We’ll probably be back a few times during our stay in Malawi.

The power just went out for the three times on Thursday.  It was off from around 10:00 to 10:30am.  It dropped out the second time while I was writing this blog post, around 11am.  And, it went out briefly for a third time while we ate lunch.

More photos from around the ABC campus are uploading, now.  Check them out here.

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9 Responses to “I need more power”

  1. Sudi Says:

    Orphanages are sad places. I hope these beautiful children are loved and well taken care of where they are.
    Why are you staying at a College? Just for Room and Board? Or are you studying something?
    I hope you guys decide to go to the Ambassadors house instead of the Road Trip for the 4th of July.

  2. Aunt Cindy Says:

    The picture of the 2 boys walking away from you and one has his arm around the other is priceless. What road trip would you miss if you went to the Ambassadors house. With out knowing what the road trip is I vote for the road trip. But I am a road trip kind of person instead the Ambassador type.

  3. Uncle Mike Says:

    Sounds like you need a ups with all the power interruptions. I understand you are going on a safari. Will they issue you a rifle? Have fun!

  4. Mark Hensler Says:

    We’re staying with Crisha’s high school classmate, Lisa Kowalksi, who’s has been teaching at ABC Christian Academy (an elementary school on the college campus) for about 2.5 years.

    Right now, I think we’re leaning towards staying on the road trip. The Ambassador’s party is 3 hours in the middle of the day. There so much more of Malawi to see (like Zomba, which we hear is the prettiest place in Malawi), and we think that it would be a better investment of our time.

    No, no guns. We’ll only be allowed to “shoot” film. 😉

  5. sabi Says:

    crisha is such a baby whisperer…good to hear she is doing her magic in other places in the world 🙂

  6. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the pics

  7. Dan Says:

    All they need are solar panels, water tower and filtration, and batteries for the electric fence (but don’t wizz on it). That’ll do the trick!

    How is your foot?

  8. Crisha Says:

    🙂 I got to hold lots of babies at one place. I also got to feed them…they do things differently here. They expect the little ones to eat all that is in front of them and expect older little ones to be happy with what they have – it is not individualized, anyhow I kind of felt like I was force feeding them 😦 I do hope to go back, this time I will remember the name!

  9. Sudi Says:

    Neat opportunity. Give them lots of love. I wish I cd hold them too.

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