Mark, Defined

Who is Mark Hensler?

This post was started in November of 2006.  I never published it, because I never felt that it was complete.

I still do not believe it is complete.  But, I’ve come to the conclusion that this question may have an eternally evolving answer.  And so, I will publish what I have now and make amendments when necessary (and I remember… and I have time…).

Below are a list of short statements that I feel strongly about.  They are semi-categorized into topics.

I like to be challenged.
I like to prove the unthinkable adaptable.
I like to push probability to the limits of possibility.

I hate doing slipshod workmanship.
I prefer spending the time and money to do a job properly the first time.

I will teach the incompetent.
I will aid the impotent.
I will augment the inadequate.
I loathe the voluntarily ignorant.

I believe in exercising the body and the mind.
I like to push myself physically.
I want to go farther, and I want to do it faster.
I enjoy friendly, healthy competition.

I appreciate the concepts of duty and honor.
I despise the fact that feminism has killed chivalry.
I am loyal unless given a reason to not be.

I will do the job that needs to be done.
I am willing to make sacrifices. 

I love good food.
I’ll try anything once.

I value family.
I seek wisdom.
I desire peace.

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