Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux

And now, I’ve got Team Fortress 2 running on Ubuntu Linux 8.1 using Wine 1.1.6.   I had to turn the graphics way down due to the fact that this is running on a Dell D620 Laptop.

Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux

Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux

This install was a little less straight forward than SimTower. After installing Wine 1.1.16, I was able to install Steam without issue.  Reading over the games at WineHQ, I learned that UT3 (which I was wanting to install) was not performing very well on Wine but TF2 was running very well.   So, I changed my plans and installed TF2.  Again, no issues with install.

When it came to launching the game, I would get the Valve splash screen and then it would quit or crash.  So, I decided to check on the video drivers: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers


nVidia Drivers on Ubuntu

nVidia Drivers on Ubuntu

This will show a list of drivers that you could be using.  I simply activated the driver that was recommended, rebooted and tried again.  This time, the game loaded fine, but the frame rate was really poor.  Again, this is simply because my hardware is sub-par (I would have the same performance issues in Windows).  I turned down the details and lowered the res.  Still a little slow, but it is playable.  If this were installed on a machine with beefier hardware, it would be great.

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