SimTower on Ubuntu Linux

I just thought I’d share this with ya’ll.  I’ve got my old SimTower game running on Ubuntu Linux 8.1 using Wine 1.1.16.

SimTower on Ubuntu Linux 8.1

SimTower on Ubuntu Linux 8.1

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4 Responses to “SimTower on Ubuntu Linux”

  1. Peo Says:

    I’ve been trying to do the same thing, but without sucess. Could you tell us how you did it plz? 🙂

  2. Mark Hensler Says:

    From a base install of Ubuntu 8.1,

    -Install the latest Wine (mine was 1.1.16):

    -Install SimTower:
    Insert your SimTower disc. If autorun starts, great. If not, browse the disc, find autostart.exe or setup.exe, right click and select Open with “Wine Windows Program Loader”.

  3. Sera Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’m having some strange problems myself and I’m not sure how to fix them. Perhaps you’ve figured these out? The toolbar buttons are not dropping down to offer other options such as stairs, ect. Also, the game freezes up if I try to move the window, and the toolbar is sticking around after I’ve closed the program. I did find one possible fix for the button issue but it suggests moving/adding a file that I can’t seem to get to (I installed off the disk). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

  4. Matthew Says:

    It doesn’t seem to work for me.

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