Same Blog, New Home

So, I got a bill for an automatic renewal of my web host account.  I only thought about it for a couple seconds and decided that I was tired of maintaining my own softwares.  And, I decided that I was going to make the leap towards Software as a Service.

I signed up for a hosted account and point one of my domains at it.  I’ve had for a while and done nothing with it, so it became the target domain for this transition.

I moved all of my blog data over, took a backup of my old filesystem, and canceled my hosting.

I setup to point to my blog.

I updated my Facebook.  (So, my blog posts will automagically be imported as Facebook Notes.)  

And next, I will forward all traffic to this new domain.

I now will have a really cheap online blog that is always running the latest and greatest version.  I think I’ll like this!


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2 Responses to “Same Blog, New Home”

  1. Gliebster Says:

    Sounds relaxing. It’s a pain to update WP every time somebody finds a security hole. Do you have the same flexibility as far as editing theme files goes?

  2. Mark Says:

    There is a library of themes that i can pick from. And, I can change the header image (obviously), but to play with the CSS, you need to pay $30/yr. Which is super lame. But… I don’t care enough about my theme to pay.

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