Upgrade to iPhone 2.0

Last night, I updated my iPhone software to v2.0. I have mixed feelings.

This version broke my Wi-Fi, but added tons of new features to my 1st gen phone. The theory I’ve heard is that this version of the firmware/OS has trouble detecting the wi-fi hardware. It is also rumored that Apple is working on a v2.0.1, which should be available soon.

On the positive side, the new Apps Store is amazing. This is the second blog post that I’ve authored with the WordPress app. I’ve also installed “Remote” by Apple, which will allow me to use my iPhone to remote control any iTunes or Apple TV within wi-fi reach. So cool! There are tons of apps available, some excellent, some lousy. But, Apple had enough foresight to add a user-review system to the App Store.

Aside from the apps, I can now sync my phone with the Exchange server at work. And,I can also save images from web pages or emails to my phone.

Bottom line, Apple, fix my wi-fi, and I think you’ve got an unbeatable mobile device.



3 Responses to “Upgrade to iPhone 2.0”

  1. Dan Says:

    My phone runs windows mobile 6. NANANA!! …. and I have no wifi, but that’s because the phone has no wifi card. 🙂

  2. mark Says:

    I don’t miss my Windows Mobile device. That brick crashed too many times. 😦

    Good news. I’ve fixed my wi-fi by performing a hard reset. I think this forced the firmware to redetect. However, scattered testimony online suggest that this may only be a temporary fix, and that I should expect my wi-fi to drop out in a couple days.

  3. Dan Says:

    I think Windows Mobile has improved a lot more since your old brick. 🙂

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