Packet Loss

After dinner, I jumped online to upload about 20 photos from the bonfire event, Friday.  After two hours, I still hadn’t uploaded half of them.  I began to ping and traceroute the internet connection… Cox was giving me a 30% packet loss.

I jumped onto the live chat, and I could tell that I was dealing with a card flipping rookie. Such lousy service!

Current mood: petulant

6 Responses to “Packet Loss”

  1. Dan Says:

    There’s nothing online support can do anyway. Just powercycle your modem, router, and computer, and check all wires including the CATV wire. if it all checks out and still have a problem. Call COX during business hours and have them come out and test it. Also if you are on wireless, go wired and try that.
    Were you pinging to the COX DNS server?
    Also try your COX gateway IP. If that pings fine without loss, it’s probably a larger outage.

    This message brought to you by the NOC. LOL

  2. Gliebster Says:

    I wish I still had Cox. Here the cable comes from Charter, which has the worst service anywhere (guaranteed), is SLOWER than Cox and costs almost twice as much ($110/mo just for Internet + Phone). And this is why I have AT&T-Yahoo-SBC-Southern-Pac-Bell (or whatever they’re called these days) DSL. It’s 6M and performs 4.5M which is what Charter performs around here according to so I get the same speed for half the price and without as much idiocy. The *only* thing better than Cox is that the upload speed is capped a little higher at 75k.

  3. Dan Says:

    I bet they don’t block your inbound ports like COX does.

  4. Mark Says:

    I’ve cycled the power on everything… twice.

    I told someone that I’d send them some digital photos I took of them… and now I’m peeved that I won’t get it done before my road trip.

  5. galikanokus Says:

    I think cox was working on their line. It was down here, phone and all so mom called on her cell. and they siad it was to be down till early the next day. Im assuming you had the same thing.

  6. Gliebster Says:


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