Can’t touch this

It’s been too long since I’ve posted anything. But hear me out; I do have a lame excuse.

Wednesday evening, I went to church to check on the network. There was some difficulty printing. I found that the server needed reset and that the Xerox Phaser needs service. And I thought to myself, “Hmm… I wish I had a better place to work on the server.”

Thursday evening, Jesse, Kris and I began preparing a route for a cable run. We had decided to move the server from Henry’s office upstairs to a rack Jesse and I had installed downstairs behind the stage.

Friday evening, I finished preparing the route and pulled the network drop. I haven’t yet checked the length, but it was long. After the network was up and working, I began to cut holes in a wall for some other equipment. Unfortunately, I got carried away and sliced my finger.

I was using the serrated blade on a Swiss Army knife. And as we all know, Swiss Army knives do not lock their blades. So, of course, while cutting away at the drywall, the blade folded onto my right index finger.

Immediately, I could feel the warm blood run down my hand. I dropped the knife and started walking around the church. I met Rachel around the first corner.

“Go get Mavi,” I said. She had this confused look on her face. “Go get Mavi.” I don’t remember the conversation. But I kept trying to convey the thought that I needed help.  She walked with me as I bled all the way to the kitchen, where I found a gathering of youth. I stopped and spotted Mavi. I held up my bloody hand and said, “I need a little help.”

Mavi grabbed some paper towel from inside the kitchen. Someone told me to stand in the dirt and stop bleeding on the cement — oh, ya. Zach and April appeared from nowhere. Then, off to the bathroom with my medical team.

We eventually slowed the bleeding and bandaged it up. I kept it elevated. Then we re-bandaged it after a while. At this point, we figured… the finger is still attached, and the bleeding is under control. So, this must not be an emergency… I’ll see a doctor tomorrow.

Saturday morning, I pulled out my cell phone (because I have the Kaiser number in there — doesn’t everyone???). I started dialing the number on the church phone as I read it out of my cell phone. That is, until my phone died half way through the number.

“Drat!” I thought, as I called up my parents. My dad answered the phone.

“Hi, dad. I need the number for Kaiser.”
“Okay. Hold on.” He replied. Then turning to my mom, he said, “Mark needs the number for Kaiser.”
Without a pause, I could hear my mother fire back, “WHY?!”

My mind started sputtering about… if it were urgent, I wouldn’t be calling for the number to Kaiser. I’d be calling 911. But, in the off chance that it were urgent, do you really want to slow me down by asking me to narrate the prior evening’s events?

I wrote the number down my dad gave me. Hung up. Then dialed Kaiser.

Turns out that Urgent Care doesn’t open until noon. Cool… So, Jesse and I head off to Kaiser. No, Jesse didn’t come to hold my other hand. He came along for the Fry’s run we were going to make after I got stitched up. Only, I didn’t get stitched up. Doc said that they don’t stitch cuts after 12 hours… unless they are on your face. (As if that was comforting.)

So, the doc cleaned the wound (after admiring the bandage job my medical team gave me, yeah!). Then, he applied some glue, Steri-Strips and gauss. He told me to leave it on for 2-3 days, and sent me on my way.

On the way out of Urgent Care, I walked by another gent who had a sliced hand. I waved my bandaged finger at him and said with a smile, “I got to keep mine!”

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