New toy

I just bought an 80GB video capable iPod. 😉


One Response to “New toy”

  1. Chad Says:

    new toys are good.

    also. i was coming on here to ask how I start a blog and upload it onto my server space, ya know, like Then at the bottom of the page I see it says powered by wordpress. Cool. I guess I will go look at wordpress then. I remember it being free.

    to get an idea of what im going for…
    thats the photographer who is doing our wedding. Kristen and I’s engagement photos are below the latest entery or two. blogs are good for buisness. also.. they are stuffed with wonderfull metadata that my flash site cant give. lots of photographers are doing it.

    i havnt seen you guys in awhile. how is everything? (broad i know, but applicable consider how long its been since i said hi. oh yeah, by the way. hi.

    hi to you too dan. i saw your brother got a cat? its cute. i miss tiger.

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