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Gates secretly fears Google phone

July 31, 2007

In response to the Reuter’s article, “Gates sees no Google threat in phone software“.

What the heck, Billy G.  Get off your high horse.  You and your pet, Microsoft, are not untouchable.  Google may have a lot of free apps floating about, but let me point out two things.  First, at least Google has had an original thought in the last decade.  Secondly, for a company that pumps out free software, they sure do make a lot of money.  Just because software is free doesn’t mean it’s crap and doesn’t mean it can’t cut into your precious 10% of the market share.

See also: Wired New’s “Gates Goes Off On The Threat Of Google’s Phone Software


July 30, 2007

I got a call from CitiBank, today.  After identifying myself, they calmly told me, “You’ve been a victim of identify theft.”

I really don’t know how much detail I want to go into on here.  But, I will say that I took off work right after the phone call so that I could react promptly.  If you want more detail, ask me off-line. 😉

Why do we fall?

July 21, 2007

I watched Batman & Robin tonight. You know how it is… it was on TV and I wasn’t doing anything else. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Fun, but I much prefer the new Batman Begins movie! And BTW, the details on the sequel are out! It’s called The Dark Knight.

But anywho, that’s not why I’m blogging. Recently, I took a crash course in railroad crossing (blogged here). I’ve had a few emails and phone calls and whatnot. So, I thought I’d give you all an update. (more…)

Railroad Crossing: A Crash Course

July 10, 2007

I decided to go for a bike ride after work today. So, I decided to bike to Seaport Village and back. No biggy. I’ve done it a few times before.

I set out shortly after 4:30, and biked down Paradise Valley Rd, across 8th St and all the way up Harbor Dr. I took a quick detour down 5th St to Horton Plaza, then hooked around to Seaport Village. Back down Harbor Drive, and right around mile 16, I had to cross another set of railroad tracks.

When crossing railroad tracks, it’s important to remember one thing: cross perpendicular. If your familiar with my route, you’ll understand when I say that this should have become habit. I have to cross several tracks going each way on this route, and this was the last set of tracks to cross on the way back. Unfortunately, I was paying more attention to the car breaking in front of me than watching the angle I crossed the tracks.

My front tire hit the rail and took a sharp right turn. My tire sunk into the groove that parallels the rail and my bike began to fall to the left. I couldn’t throw my foot out, as I was biking with shoes that lock into the pedals. So, I found my left arm flying out instead. My palm hit the floor, then my butt. I remember thinking, “Oh, no! My new iPod!” Then my elbow hit the ground and, immediately, I felt a pain in my shoulder.

I don’t know how fast I was going on my bike, but I came to an abrupt stop once I hit the floor. Of course, now that I’m sprawled out on the asphalt, my feet snapped out of the pedals. I rolled onto my back and looked over my shoulder for oncoming traffic. No rush. Time for damage assessment.

“Can we move?”
“Well, yes — we rolled onto our back, dummy.”
“Ok, can we get out of the street?”
“I don’t know, let’s try.”

I climbed onto my feet and grabbed for my iPod with my left hand. Ouch! It felt like someone stabbed my shoulder, but I did find my iPod still clipped to my belt — I knew all would be well. I then grabbed my bike with my right hand and walked it to the side of the street.

“Can we go on?”

I walked around and tried moving my shoulder around a little. It hurt quite a bit, but didn’t seem as bad as the time I dislocated my right shoulder. I decided to press on and see how far I could ride. I got back on the bike and made my way down to Sweetwater Rd. Two miles later, I knew I couldn’t make it home. I had biked most of the way with my left arm in my lap. I stopped and called for a pickup.

18.583 miles
1 hour, 20 minutes
1 jacked up left shoulder

When I got home, I took a prescription strength Naproxen and put ice on my shoulder for an hour.   My shoulder’s cool now (pun!), but I’m a little worried about what it’ll fee like in the morning.

New toy

July 3, 2007

I just bought an 80GB video capable iPod. 😉