Experience Required

November 29, 2004, I wrote a blog post titled, “Escape into Life“. The last sentence resonates with me still, “I want an escape from my routine, and I want to explore life.” And I thought I’d write a bit more about it.

There are so many things in life that I would like to try, but I don’t. Why not? Well, for fear of derailing my career. For fear of mangling my resume. If I were to quite my job so that I could go off on adventure after adventure, when I’m finished, will I be able to pick-up where I left off? I’m inclined to say, “No”.

So, the question becomes, “How do I plan adventures in such a way that they do not impede my progress towards my professional goals?” The current plan: use vacation and holiday time.

You may ask, “What was meant by, ‘explore life’?” Well, I want to see what’s beyond what I’ve seen. No. More than see; I want to experience. “Experience what?”, you may ask. Experience as much as I can.

The type of adventure I want to experience most is travel — to see the world. Road trips are fun, but I’m dying for some international travel. But more than sight-see, I want to stay a while. Or perhaps, live and work there for a while. I want to enjoy the culture, experience the weather and experiment with the food. I want to be able to see life from another people’s eyes.

I’d also like to tour the States. I was born and raised in San Diego. The only other place I’ve lived is Los Angeles. I have no concept of Smalltown, USA; and I have no real concept of ‘weather’. It would be quite an adventure to take off a year and travel the States — stopping wherever there is something new to experience.

I have smaller, more accomplish-able adventures to schedule, as well…

I want to ride through the desert, and I want to ride up the coastline. And I want to do it on a motorcycle cruiser.

I love to stare at the horizon over the Pacific, but I also want to dive into it. I want to get SCUBA certified, and I want to learn to surf. I want to try white water rafting, and someday, I want to catch a fish!

I don’t want to see the National Forest, I want to climb it. I want to go on a backpacking trek with a friend or two and escape from civilization for a few days. I want to climb trees and scale a mountain. I want to explore nature and take the photograph from the side that Average Joe has never seen.

And from higher than a mountain, I want the bigger picture. I want to sky dive!

One Response to “Experience Required”

  1. Steve Says:

    Do it… do it all, one by one (or maybe two by two). 🙂 Weekends, vacation time…

    I’m not so interested in international travel and extreme adventures (rafting, skydiving) as you are but I can relate to a longing for experiencing nature/travel type things. I also want to experience Small Town USA and “weather” as well as catch a fish (and buzz around in a speedboat). Sudi and I have always wanted to drive up the CA coast toward Oregon. I’d also like to live somewhere less “city” and more “green”. And buzz around in a speedboat. Did I say that already?

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