Systems Analyst

Today, I accepted a job offer for a Systems Analyst position at PLNU. The dates haven’t been solidified yet, but I’ll probably start at the new position on June 18th.

I’ll move back to the main campus, which means I’ll have the ability to carpool with Kraig, who lives 2 blocks from my house. We also plan to bike to work one or two days a week (more often if he has his way). I’ll also be working in the building behind the library, so I’ll be able to stop by Sudi’s office more often.

I’m pretty excited. I will once again be a paid code monkey! 😉


5 Responses to “Systems Analyst”

  1. Dan Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! What are your job duties?

  2. Gliebster Says:

    Wooohooooooo!!! 🙂

    New job duties: monkeying around with code.

  3. Mark Says:

    Purpose: Support administrative offices in the implementation and use of Jenzabar software with a primary focus on Graduate Studies programs.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Support standard campus application software programs (e.g. CARS applications, CARS interface software, Cognos Reporting Tools, Microsoft Office, and other software and database tools.)
    • Lead and assist the implementation of new business processes to empower users and streamline processes.
    • Provide implementation and integration of third party software and end-user tools (e.g. SQL report writers, data warehouse analysis tools, Microsoft Office software).
    • Assist with the review of business processes and reengineering projects.
    • Assist with the transition from character-based to graphical and Web-based user interfaces.
    • Develop and train users in the effective use of computer resources.
    • Interface with the rest of the Information Systems team.
    • Travel between Arcadia and Bakersfield campuses or other locations for training, possibly 10-15% of the time.
    • Perform other related duties as requested.

  4. Gliebster Says:

    It sounds right up your alley. You’ll be the best SysAn (is that a word?) PLNU has ever seen.

    Is Bakersfield an overnighter? That’s pretty far. Pretty fun too, perhaps.

  5. Mark Says:

    Bakersfield would most likely be an overnighter… as it’s a 5 hr drive one way.

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