Friday the Thirteenth

My Friday was awesome. I was able to make it to Arcadia in record time! I was surprised how well traffic was moving along the 5.

I felt that the meeting was very productive. I hate when meetings are spent complaining about problems without arriving at a solution. This meeting wasn’t as much a decision making meeting, but it was more, lets review the upcoming changes to the catalog — a very necessary discussion.

I also was able to give a very impromptu demonstration of a new web portal feature. Normally, I cannot do that. I am very uncomfortable in front of people, and I need to take my time to familiarize myself with my material to feel comfortable making a presentation (which is why I am very hesitant to teach at church). Fortunately, I performed very well. No quivering lips, no shaky voice, no sweaty palms or weak knees… I felt fairly confident while giving the demonstration, and it really made me proud of myself. 😀

The meeting let out a little after 2pm. I took off for Biola to meet up with Kris and Terri at the debate tournament. Luckily, their day was behind schedule, and I was actually able to observe the debate round that he was originally scheduled to have at 2pm. He was awesome! They didn’t quite have the same crowd response as at Point Loma, but I was proud of him non-the-less.

I left Biola around 5pm, and stopped at “The Condo” in La Jolla.  I met some new folks and played with a Wii for the first time.  Not bad, but I still prefer real sports to Wii Sports.  Left “The Condo” round 11pm, and I’ve been catching up on email since I got home….

Today was fun. Even the LA traffic didn’t phase me. I had my windows down and my music blasting: Lou Bega and Ricky Martin! (I haven’t bought a CD since high school) I’m looking forward to more trips.


One Response to “Friday the Thirteenth”

  1. Gliebsteroni Says:

    Good job busy bee. 8)

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