Fixing Word 2003 Rulers

Having issues with your rulers in MS Word 2003? I was. The darn thing was not in inches and the Options menu was not taking effect (Yes! My Office and Windows are both up-to-date!). Finally fed up with it, I googled the problem, and found the documented solution right away.

“Cool”, you say, “but why is this blog worthy?” As you know, I hate Microsoft, and I thought this was scummy enough to mention.

What’s the cause?

When you upgrade from Office 2000 to Office XP, the Use character units check box is automatically selected. However, you can change this setting only if you have an East Asian language turned on on your computer.

What are the solutions?

  1. Enable an East Asian Language
  2. Use Visual Basic Editor to alter the value of the checkbox with a simple script
  3. Dive into your registry and alter the value of the checkbox

Why am I not satisfied? You see, I found my solution on Microsoft’s Knowledge Base (here). So, they know about the problem and have not fixed it. What kind of customer service is that?! Why isn’t this fixed in a patch or update?! And why is the functionality of a checkbox in an American product dependant upon an East Asian language?!


One Response to “Fixing Word 2003 Rulers”

  1. Dan Says:

    Simple, I bet they want you to upgrade to Office 2007. I have it at work. I’m one of two people in the NOC with it. So far I hate it. LOL. Mainly because they changed the user interface to be all Vistabubbly. It’s hideous. LOL

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