Old writtings

I dug up a file folder that had some stuff I wrote back high school. I thought I’d share some.

Everything that was dated, was dated 1998. I turned 17 that summer.

This poem had “Internet” scribbled next to it:

In that place of encrypted files,
shady faces and crooked smiles,
In that place that some call home,
evil villains often roam.

This poem was for an homework assignment, “4-8 lines on nature (poem)”:

In a place in a foreign land,
out of reach of cultured man,
Lives a hermit in a hut,
built of oak trees he did cut.
All alone, he lives all day,
with no one else can he play.

This poem was titled, “A Definition of Love”, and dated November 10, 1998 at 10:20 pm:

Hark! Doth the angels sing?
And Cupid’s arrow quickly bring
Love for two? Can it be
That wilst thou doest as thou please
One may be struck by so much ease,
That if fills the gap between thine and thee?

This poem was dated 1998:

I hold this blue pen,
Hoping to mend,
The past and the present together.

I wrote this poem for a birthday card I gave to my cousin, Steve:

May all your days be filled with gladness,
Sunny days and cloudless sky’s.
Although you’ll have your share of sadness,
rainy days and sad goodbyes,
Just stick with us for joy thats endless.

This poem was titled, “A Cry From The Altar”, and dated March 19, 1998 at 10 pm:

In the morning, and last evening,
people of me, were they singing.

Church bells ringing, children singing,
nervous hands am I now ringing.

Now, I stand before this alter.
Shall I marry, shall I falter?

No one hath eyes which are brighter,
and no smile is much like hers.

Is now this gem too grand for me?
Yea, now mine heart cries out to thee,
“Will thou now be a wife to me?”

This poem was titled, “School”, and dated November 12, 1998 at 2:15 pm:

I sit in my chair,
And stare at the wall.
Between my classes,
I wander the hall.
There isn’t and end
To all the sadness.
‘Cause the learning adds
To all the madness.

This poem was written for a Mother’s Day card, and dated May 9, 1998:

One day in a year,
One year at a time.
That day is right here,
The day for divine.

Of the mothers
near and far,
I can tell you
this so far.

None is there,
not one can do,
As good a job
as I’ve seen you.

This poem was titled, “Life is a Maze”, and dated July 6, 1998 at 10:45 pm:

Life is a maze,
it has dead-ends.
To make it through,
rely on friends.

This poem was written for a birthday card for my dad, dated December 11, 1998:

I just wanted to say,
it would be no bother,
For me to wish you a
Happy Birthday, father.


One Response to “Old writtings”

  1. Steve Says:

    These are really good. I didn’t know you were a poet!

    And I didn’t remember you wrote a poem for my birthday. Thank you. 🙂

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