Fun with words

I just posted a new blog (Mannequins). I really enjoyed writing this sarcastic piece, and I think I’ll revisit this style in the future.

I used and to create some puns… and expand my vocabulary — *gasp*.


3 Responses to “Fun with words”

  1. Heather Says:

    wow, you expanded your vocabulary! goo job. who knows… maybe next you will read a real book. – *gasp*.


  2. Crisha Says:

    I sincerely hope that the entry was for the sole purpose of your amusement. I would hate to hear that you actually attempted said dialogue with a mannequin. No, to be earnest, I would probably pee my pants laughing – too much information? Eh, probably. You say you hate to read, but you should read A Confederacy of Dunces as I remember it is very sarcastic. It is, shall we say, random!

  3. Mavi Says:

    I … I have no response that was too funny. But congrats on the advancement of your vocabulary. Nice with the sarcasum too!

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