I’m thinking about going to India sometime in the next year. It’s not a country on my list of places to visit, but my church just sent 4 people over there for a short term mission trip, and they brought back an interesting report.

One of the places they visited was a villiage in Nagaland. They were the first outside missionaries to visit in 70 years. Apparently, the last missionaries who were there prayed for an orphanage and a school, which have recently been built. But there are further needs.

The village’s water source is downhill, and they currently carry water by bucket back to the village. So, there is a need for a water pump. And as it happens, I have a year and a half of pipefitting experience.

Also, the village wants to enlarge the school and would like to start up a sort of VBS. I spoke with our senior pastor and our youth pastor and told them that I’d be willing to build the next school house while our youth pastor lead VBS. ..haha!

Our church is partnered with a Rev. Jay in India, through whom we’ve been able to minister to this village. Rev. Jay has mentioned to our senior pastor that computer parts can be bought for cheap, but they don’t know how to build a computer.

So many opportunities… so exciting.


2 Responses to “India”

  1. Chad Says:

    do it do it do it do it do it do it. India is rad. One of the more photogenic place I have ever been to. You can work on or Apu accent “thank you come again”. Not to mention dude, you go beyond the normal short term missionary by bringing to the table actual applicable experience to what needs to be done. I loved India. I am considering a trip there next winter to see the worlds largest camel fair in Rajastan.

  2. Mark Says:

    If you ever need a travel buddy…. hit me up!

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