Knee Update

I’ve told a few people, but I guess I forgot to blog it. I saw the orthopedic specialist… and we’ve opted for an MRI (instead of orthoscopic surgery). I should be hearing from them by Tuesday to schedule that appointment. My knee is feeling better now.. meaning I can walk without a limp and I’ve stopped taking prescription strength Naproxyn. But my knee still pops and clicks and whatnot.

After the doctor described symptoms for torn meniscus and patella damage, I’m begining to think I’ve got patella damage. Torn meniscus usually have sharp pains in a specific location. Patella damage is a dull, constant dispersed pain. He also said that a torn meniscus wont hurt in the car or theater, but patella damage will always ache.

I’m told an MRI will show a torn meniscus about 95% of the time, but patella damage doesn’t show. If the MRI doesn’t show anything, I can opt for an orthoscopic proceedure to visually check the meniscus and patella.


One Response to “Knee Update”

  1. Sudi Says:

    I hope they find what it is and that they can help releif the discomfort.
    I doesn’t sound like fun. Take-it-ezee- breeze! -SG

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