Kneed for Pause

I just got back from Urgent Care. My left knee’s been feeling funny for 2 weeks now. I’m guessing as a result from playing racquetball (5 times in 2 weeks, I think). About 4 years ago, I injured my knee. Ever since, it’s never really handled moderately strenuous activities well. I finally decided to ask the doctor for something more than pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs (but I did fill another prescription for 100 pills ;-))

The doctor ordered X-Rays and asked that I bring them back. When I did, she looked them over and said that I had some calcium build-up, which is the beginning of arthritis. She asked how old I was, and when I told her I was 25, she said I was too young to have arthritis. She also said that arthritis probably wasn’t the cause of my discomfort, but that I probably also had some Meniscus damage. And because the Meniscus doesn’t show up on X-Rays, she’s referring me to the Orthopedic department, who she believes will schedule an arthroscopic procedure.

She repeatedly encouraged me to follow up on this. She also said that I shouldn’t play racquetball untill the issues with my knee are resolved. 😦 So Thursday, I’ll be calling the Orthopedic department and schedule an appointment.

4 Responses to “Kneed for Pause”

  1. Dan Says:

    You have the xrays? Can you scan them?

  2. Mark Says:

    No, I don’t. The doctor at Urgent Care kept them.

  3. Sudi Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about this.
    It sounds like you were having a”ball” (hahaha) playing RB.
    Are your team mates bummed?

  4. Mark Says:

    Yes. One of them just turned 15 and got a racquet… We’re hoping my knee recovers soon so I can play again.

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