Business Trip

Scott, Steve, Jessica and I went on a road trip this last Monday and Tuesday. The purpose of the trip was mainly to introduce ourselves to the people at our regional centers (as Scott was the only one not new to the graduate admissions office), drop off some catalogs, hear some history about the sites and hear about their plans for the future.

We met at the main campus at 8 AM. Scott and Steve picked up a rental car (Cadillac!), we all pilled in and took off for the Corona campus. We met with the folks there and took a peek at their Alta Loma site (in Rancho Cucamonga, I believe). Then we drove to the Arcadia campus. Again, we shook some hands, got a tour and caught up on the site’s history. We drove by the original PLNU site in Pasadena, then we took off for Bakersfield. Check-in at the hotel was about 9 PM — a 13 hr Monday. Yikes!

Tuesday morning (up and at ’em at 8 AM), we visited the Bakersfield campus. We shook some hands and talked for quite a while… then back to San Diego. We arrived back at the main campus just before 6 PM.

Pretty cool little road trip! That was the furthest north I’ve been in California, and it was my first time going through the “Grape Vine”.

3 Responses to “Business Trip”

  1. Dan Says:

    Road trip? The title says “Business Trip.”

  2. Steve Says:

    It was a business road trip, you poop.

  3. Dan Says:

    Moooommm, Steve called me a poop! 🙂

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