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Kneed for Pause

September 25, 2006

I just got back from Urgent Care. My left knee’s been feeling funny for 2 weeks now. I’m guessing as a result from playing racquetball (5 times in 2 weeks, I think). About 4 years ago, I injured my knee. Ever since, it’s never really handled moderately strenuous activities well. I finally decided to ask the doctor for something more than pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs (but I did fill another prescription for 100 pills ;-)) (more…)


September 20, 2006

I applied for a passport today… should arrive in about 8 weeks. I currently don’t have any plans to leave the country, but I am hoping for Caribean/Mexican cruise early next year.

I’m still looking for something to do over Thanksgiving weekend.  I was thinking about flying into Portland, renting a car to drive to Seatle, then flying back home.  But I’d be spending about $500 on air fare…. plus the rental and gas.  I’m looking for alternatives now.

Business Trip

September 20, 2006

Scott, Steve, Jessica and I went on a road trip this last Monday and Tuesday. The purpose of the trip was mainly to introduce ourselves to the people at our regional centers (as Scott was the only one not new to the graduate admissions office), drop off some catalogs, hear some history about the sites and hear about their plans for the future. (more…)


September 17, 2006

I played racquetball today.  It was fun…. and a good workout too.  Will be doing it pretty regularly, I think.  We’re currently using the courts at Southwestern College, but we’re checking into using the ones on the Navy base.


September 10, 2006

September 2-4, I went on a road trip to Arizona. You’re probably expecting me to write about my trip, but I’m not going to. Rather, I’m going to explain my motives for the trip.

I didn’t go to Arizona to relax. I didn’t go to Arizona for a vacation. I didn’t even go to Arizona so I’d have a story to tell when I got back (but I do, so hah). (more…)