An Update on Life

Wait… What?!

Alright, so the last post was kinda lame. And because it’s been so very long since my last real post, I’ll give a short blurb on a few different areas of life….

Working hard or hardly working?

Working hard! I’m still working in at PLNU in the Graduate Admissions department. I’m growing into it now, and looking for more responsibility. Scarry thought.

Current projects include planning/developing a system to track marketing efforts. I’m still developing a system for generating and recording academic and demographic statistical information on our admission applicants. And I’ve also just started revising our printed admissions materials (forms, pamphlets, brochures).

Jessica, our newest team member, has done an awesome job keeping up with the workflow. The piles of files that were present when she started have all disappeared and rarely does an application have to wait longer than a day to be processed. I really believe that her workmanship has helped our office earn kudos from the other offices we work with.

Work hard, play hard?

Yes, play hard. I’m finishing up the last two days of anit-biotics. After wrestling Justin (who you may remember from “Read My Lips” and “Eye Contact“) two Saturday’s ago, a rug-burn on my right foot became infected. The infection turned out to be cellulitis. The two days vacation I planned to take the following Thursday and Friday to attend a youth camping trip, turned into a 3 days of sick leave, as the doctor said rock climbing and hiking were not on my list of approved activities. Let me tell you… sitting at home for 5 days, not sick, but unable to do anything… really, really sucks.

Jesse, the fragile incarnation of the anime character Spike Spiegel (tall and thin with a fro, yo), has managed to get me addicted to an old MMORPG, Anarchy Online. At the moment, I’m trying to combat this new addiction with a little creative writting.

Work out?

Eh, kinda. Before the cellulitis, I had the beging of a good habbit. I had gone two weeks with donig some kind of physical activity daily. Some days I worked on a tree I fell… cutting it up and hauling it uphill. Other days I ran on the tredmill (2 miles in 20 minutes). But I haven’t done anything in the last week and a half. I need to get back to creating a routine.


This is another area where I’ve been slipping. In the last few weeks, I’ve been very unfaithful with my Bible reading and spending quality time in prayer. And I’ve felt the effects too: moments of depression, an unhealthy worry of people’s opinions, a laxed work ethic and lack of zeal for anything spiritually stimulating. Pray for me as I try to turn myself around.


No. But I’m looking, praying and waiting…

What else?

There isn’t anything else, I just thought it was another ‘W’ to add to the list of questions. 😛

One Response to “An Update on Life”

  1. Dan Says:

    A blog post! YAY!!!!

    Here’s another W for you…

    Witch: Hagitha. You, Jesse and I need to start working out when we are going to start fixing up the Hag so she’ll be ready for Halloween. We have those new pressure valves to fit onto her and Shaun. Also we need to figure out if we want to go with standard dry ice again or try out a cheap smoke machine with a chiller.

    Oh and yes, AO is an addiction. Unlike crack, the free trial is bound to run out eventually. 🙂

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