I want my car back

I had to leave my car at the shop Sunday. It had this slight grinding noise. As it turns out, I needed new bearings for my front left wheel. So, I had to drive my dad’s car to work today. Argh. I was almost hit twice!

On the way to work, on the 5 north. I was driving in the number one lane. A woman was in the number three lane, and must have decided, “I don’t care that it’s rush hour. I own the freeway!” So, she proceeded to cut from lane three, through lane two, and right into lane one. I had to slam the breaks and swerve into the shoulder! And thank goodness there was a shoulder. ‘Cause about a half-mile down the freeway, there is no shoulder (construction zone).

Half-way into my lane, she decides to look over her shoulder. “Hello!” She pulled back into lane two for a second, then pulled in behind me.

And to balance out the gender-bashing, I found the guy who left his mind at work. I was headed south on the 125 in the number two lane. We were a good half-mile away from where the lanes narrow from three to two lanes. So, I thought I had some time before expecting anyone to merge.

First off, there wasn’t really anyone in the number three lane.  Not beside me, nor behind me. There was just this one old, banged up pickup, a couple car lengths ahead of the car in front of me. My lane was going fast enough (or rather, the old, banged up pickup was slow enough), that I thought I had enough time to pass him before the merge.

Apparently, the pickup was in a hurry to merge. As soon as the car in front of me passed the pickup, the pickup swerved into my lane. Again, I had to slam my breaks and swerve into lane one. Luckily, I was watching my mirrors prior and I knew there was no car to my left.  As I passed the driver, I looked at him… he never recognized my presense.  Grrr!
I tell ya… I’m getting fed up with all the stupid driving around here. Check your mirrors, people! And check over your shoulder, too!  I’m tired of playing dodgeball with steal cars.


7 Responses to “I want my car back”

  1. galikanokus Says:

    i liked not ahving to read novel posts before 😛 but keep up the good work…. maybe some day you can grasp this thing called the English language 😛

  2. Dan Says:

    Yes, there is no shortage in bad drivers in this town. It only gets 10 times worse when it rains too. LOL. However in all fairness, you do tend to follow too closely when you drive. perhaps add an extra second or two between cars for moron protection.

    Don’t you just hate those loaded up old trucks going to mexico that are stacked so high you wonder what keeps it all upright when they change lanes? I saw one once that I swear could have hit the bottom of some bridges! LOL

  3. Steve Says:

    What a coincidence. I almost got hit twice yesterday too! First some lady seriously cut me off and was probably within a foot or two of me and the guy she cut behind. I’m sure she would have hit me without my rapid break action. The second one was a truck that decided to change into my lane next to me driving me into the lane to my right. If there was a car there I would have hit it and it’d have been my fault! Crazy people… thank God for horns. I’m lovin’ the horn lately (just ask Sudi)!

  4. galikanokus Says:

    haha i just actual read in detail the end part…. “I’m tired of playing dodgeball with steal cars.” …more like fiberglass and plastic LOL the only REAL steel car that any of us own is me…. and i got 2 of em ;p

  5. Mark Says:

    Your cars might be steel, but they also came in a matchbox set. 😛

  6. galikanokus Says:

    say what!?! ohh no you jsut didnot dis my cars…. you have to admit though,,, mine were popular enough to make small models after ^^

  7. marksmanship Says:

    i liked not ahving to read novel posts before but keep up the good work…. maybe some day you can grasp this thing called the English language

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