Long, Fun Friday

I received a call from Susan, the church secretary, on Friday in the early afternoon, who let me know that my purchases for the church network upgrades had arrived. Jesse headed over to the church to start building the new server and to discuss some network and phone cabling issues with Pastor Jim and Susan.

After talking with Jim and Susan, we decided to do the rewiring this weekend. On a spur of the moment decision, we left youth group early at 8pm to begin an all-night cabling job. My cousin, Dan, joined us and, after buying materials, we began work around 10pm. By 6am, Saturday, we had removed 5 network lines and pulled 10 new phone lines and 13 new network lines, an estimated 250 ft of removed cable and 1000 ft of new cable.

One more quick run to Home Depot for the last bit of needed material… cabling project was finished around 10am and cleaned, packed and finally left shortly after 1pm.


3 Responses to “Long, Fun Friday”

  1. Dan Says:

    I think so.

    Are you still hurting? I AM! My legs are killing me. It’s like walking around with those lead bricks strapped to my legs. LOL

  2. Mark Says:

    Ya, my knees are a bit swollen.

  3. Sudi Says:

    Good Job!
    Sounds like fun-
    I bet the Pastor is so greatful-

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