drugs or dvds?

So, I’ve had these rashes on my arms for almost 2 weeks. Okay, time to see a doctor. I saw a nurse practicioner tonight, who said it’s probably poison oak or something (from off-roading on Jan 16). Argh.

She gave me a prescription for a topical cream and a steroid (to enhance the effectiveness of the cream). Cool.

So I went across the street from Kaiser to fill the prescripton at Walmart. You see, if I’m goin to have to wait for a prescription, I want to have something to do. So I get to Walmart, and the pharmasy is closed (closes at 7pm, apparently). Drat! OK, I don’t want to go back to Kaiser right now… so I’ll just check out the DVDs and fill the prescriptions tomorrow.

I got Billy Madison for $6 and Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior for $13. Ong-Bak has some way cool kung-foo-ish action in it. And the main character hurdles cars!! (someday, Sean… someday)


One Response to “drugs or dvds?”

  1. Sudi Says:

    Wal Mart has the best deals on movies!!!!
    I love it-

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