New anime friend

So I had lunch with people from the Business Office today.  Their a bunch of weirdos, I tell ya.  But anywho, they spotted a friend in the cafeteria who came and sat with ut.  Get this, she’s a grandmother who digs anime!  Not only is she an anime collector, but she also likes live-action foreign films.  Awesome!


4 Responses to “New anime friend”

  1. Dan Says:

    I am frightened.

  2. Sudi Says:

    What is “anime”?
    Engish please!

  3. Dan Says:


    Japanese cartoons which usually contain “weird” stuff. Oh and most have commonalities like school girls in miniskirts or spaceships. Sometimes both. LOL

  4. Sudi Says:

    Oh thank you for Anime 101.
    Very interesting!

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