Creative Writting

I got a little creative just now… I was updating my profile on a website, and thought I’d share it here…

I work full-time at a Christian university, and I’m quite involved at my baptist church. Also, I feel called to work with youth.

I’m a fairly smart individual with a good sense of humor and little to no artistic abilities. Though, I do watch plenty of movies and quote phrases from time to time in mid-conversation. So, I’m a fan of art. All kinds of art.. cinema, music, paint… Except fireworks. Fireworks never really impressed me. But I love photography!

I’m not as physically active as I would like to be. The two times I found myself outside, I went dirt biking and rock climbing. I’m eager to do either again.

I’m not a picky eater. In fact, I’ll try any food once. Honest. And I’d like to travel more too. I think it’d be more exciting to try ethnic food in the ethnic setting. Don’t you think? Right now, I probably enjoy asian food the most, and daydream about tropical coastlines the most. Do you think I can find my way to a tropical asian coastline?

In conclusion: I’d like to go dirt biking on a tropical asian beach with a portable DVD player and a digital camera on the way to a church that serves chow mein between services.


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