Struck gold

Well, not gold. Not exactly. Right now, I have 7 lead bricks sitting in my car. (I had 8, but Jesse wanted to take one home.) The 8 bricks are estimated to weigh about 230 pounds, and they will be an awesome counter-weight for the trebuchet!

Lemme tell ya… when my buddy drove up with these in his car, I was so giddy. I still can’t wait to see these bad boys in action!


2 Responses to “Struck gold”

  1. Dan Says:

    I have a working latch mechanism built now. The old UPS batteries might be enough to power it. It can be operated via a wireless remote control and has support for a string pull in case the battery dies or it breaks. I only have to work out a couple small issues but it’s basically done. Also it has already injured me and drew blood. The whole thing is a pinch hazard and only authorized personel should be allowed to touch it and/or latch the arm.

  2. galik Says:

    hehe lol

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