Today, I had two MySpace emails to add people to my friends list. One person I knew from high school and the other I knew from a previous church. Cool.

So, I start looking at their friends to see if I knew any of them, so on and so forth. I found quite a few people I went to school with. Which is way cool, ’cause I graduate with a class of 17! (300 total K-12) It was quite interesting to see where these people are now, having not seen or heard from them in 7 years. Some were doing things with their lives, and some weren’t. Some I could have predicted. Some I couldn’t have.

But what disappointed me, was the number of people who have fallen so far from the Chrisian walk they appeared to have in high school. Was it not real to them then? ‘Cause it doesn’t look like it now.


One Response to “Depressing…”

  1. Sudi Says:

    I know what you mean!

    The thing is your faith’s gotta be “yours”. You can borrow you parents faith so long before you realize faith is a choice, a “very personal” choice.

    Maybe your friends will come around. I hope they do.

    I don’t know how people can go through life without Jesus.

    What emptiness…

    Eph 2:8-9

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