Nerd-ish Tests

54% NerdIn reply to Dan’s “Nerd Servey“…

That “Nerd Quiz” was whack! I’ve concluded I don’t like “Nerds.” …

I never felt so insulted in my life! 50% on a nerd test?! It was like a cold slap on the face… “Oh, no you didn’t!”

Ya’ll are freaks, man. Get a life, get off the television. And for Pete’s sake, observe normal business hours. I don’t need to be hearing StarTrek reruns at 3 in the morning on a school night.

Oh ya… and what was up with not counting working hours for online time?!

Geeks on the other hand…. Geeks are cool! We’re smart, computer savvy and have a normal appearance when attending a movie theater.

78% Computer SavvyAs for the Computer Geek Quiz….
I’m not way up there, but it’s an honest score.

Yes, I know ROT13 (what it is, why it is and how to do it — how many of you “Nerds” do!??!).

Oh! And the Computer test asked how many hours of work is online… 100% thank you!

And it asked about programming languages. Kah-Ching! Everything but assembly from memory. (Yes, I took assembly classes, but I don’t remember enough of the commands to write an app from memory.)



4 Responses to “Nerd-ish Tests”

  1. Dan Says:


    Sorry, I only got the survey off google. Blame google.
    You could use more Star Trek anyway. 🙂

  2. Gliebster Says:

    I got 68 – Low Rank Computer Geek

  3. galik Says:

    haha im almost a geeky as you roflamo…

  4. galik Says:

    argh did pout it but im 74 haha

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