Lost it!

So, I was transfering some rather large files (thanks Jesse) from my laptop to my server…. and then I get this notice “Not enough disk space”. Doh! My file server is full!!

Time to look for a network RAID solution? Did I hear terabyte?

What should I do?! Hit me back!


8 Responses to “Lost it!”

  1. Dan Says:

    How much storage is there on your file server?
    What about that 300GB drive for the xbox?
    You could build a new IDE RAID array from the ground up. For instance, you can get a 4 port IDE RAID 5 card and four 300GB drives for a total of 900GB. My RIAD 5 card supports up to 1TB, but I have four 200GB drives for a total of 600GB. With this type of setup you get the most of your space while having redundancy where any single drive can fail and no data is lost. If you are feeling daring, you could do RAID 0 striping and stripe four 250GB drives for 1TB. But if one fails, ALL data will be lost. The one downside to RIAD 5 is when it comes time to upgrade, you have to rebuild it from scratch and that means you gotta back up your data somewhere else somehow. Maybe some fancy 6 or 8 port RAID cards allow for adding drives to RAID 5 arrays w/o data loss. Just some ideas.

  2. Bane Says:

    If you have the money lay it down on a TB of storage. If nothing else it’s bragging rights baby.

  3. galik Says:

    it aint my fault you wanted the games….

  4. Dan Says:

    Yes it is, now buy Mark some new HD’s and a controller card. LOL

  5. galik Says:

    why me, its his fault he wants more storage. Why cant he delet the useless files he already has on it? And about buying HD and cntroller, ummmmmm NO mark can fund that with his new spiffy paycheck 🙂

  6. Mark Says:

    I took a pay cut when I took this job.

    Delete files?! Ack! That’s like erasing history….

  7. Bane Says:

    Well with your spiffy new haircut you could always moonlight escorting. 😀

  8. galik Says:

    did i hear a yottabyte anywhere LOL……serial killer

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