Today is the day. I wish I could bring my laptop and blog from the beach, but I cant for several reasons (which I’d rather not go into).

I think I’ve actually managed to get enough trucks to get everthing to the beach in one trip. We’ve got 3 pick-ups, a van and a trailer. We packed the trailer with about 25 pallets last night. I was quite impressed!

The only reason I’m up so early is because I’m having trouble sleeping. Not for the excitement. But because my thumb is throbbing in pain. You see, I opened a connex box yesterday. And somehow, I smashed my thumb while opening the door. Right at the base of the nail. Argh!

But anyhow… I’ll use the time to make sure I’ve got everything I need from home packed. Then maybe sleep in the truck I’ve barrowed while parked in front of Jesse’s house. :-p

4 Responses to “Bonfire!”

  1. Gliebster Says:

    Ooooooh, gonna light Coronado on fire are we? 😉

  2. galikaonkus Says:

    well that didnt happen the way we had planned

  3. Gliebster Says:

    Next bonfire in Mexico 🙂

  4. Chad Says:

    dang…. i forgot about it… did ya guys run into any trouble with the cops again?

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