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Bonfire: In Review

August 9, 2005

Well, I’ve had some mixed feedback. Most of it was positive. And the parts that weren’t, I’ll classify as constructive criticism. But all-in-all, I’d say it was a success — I would guestimate that we had about 75 people turn out.

If anyone has digital photos or video, I’d love to get a copy.

I’m trying out the page feature, so…
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3: The Constructive Criticism
4: The Fire

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August 5, 2005

Today is the day. I wish I could bring my laptop and blog from the beach, but I cant for several reasons (which I’d rather not go into).

I think I’ve actually managed to get enough trucks to get everthing to the beach in one trip. We’ve got 3 pick-ups, a van and a trailer. We packed the trailer with about 25 pallets last night. I was quite impressed!


August 5, 2005

I was offered the Admissions Assistant position Thursday afternoon, and I accepted.

I am so excited. 😀

Bonfire Friday

August 2, 2005

We had a 2 hour meeting about the bonfire this evening. I think we’ve got most of the stuff covered. Though, I thought that about last bonfire, then I came up with a list of things to remember for “next time”… only, I lost the list.

This time, we’ll be meeting up with 3 other youth groups (New Song, Wes, Gunner). Our church will be bringing about 50 people. And all together, we’re expecting about a hundred people to show up. I believe that is about double what we had last time. We will have 2 people preaching on a bull horn, and two bands playing loud & proud.

I have 5 people coming with me in the morning. A big plus for me, as I have loads and loads of supplies and wood to bring before people show up. Morning Crew: be at the church at 7am!

Good News

August 2, 2005

I had the job interview last Thursday. It went very well. I will be going in for a 2-3hr test Wednesday at 1pm. Besides a words-per-minute typing test, I don’t know what they’ll be testing.

I’m very optimistic about this. From talking with various people, I think I have a good shot at the position.