Don’t loose your head!

Funny quote from 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag, a hillarious movie, which has quite a bit of foul language. But that’s beside the point. The point? I almost lost my head yesterday.

It was 2:30pm, a half hour before the end of shift, and we were just starting to clean up our tools. A welder climed out of a tank and tried to grab his toolbag, only to find out it’s straps were pinched between a pipe and a hanger. Solution? Lift the pipe off the hanger, of course.

So, we put a small hydrolic lift on the deck and place a 5ft 2×4 between the lift and the pipe. I started to operate the manual pump to force the pipe up, all along watching the top of the 2×4 to see if it moves.

Anyone ever see a 2×4 explode? Well, trust me, wood will splinter and shatter as fast and forcefully as a small explosion if put under enough force. And with my head only 4ft from this 2×4, it’s no wonder that my hard hat was knocked off or that my safety glasses were broken and knocked off my face.

I didn’t really see what happened. I heard the wood explode and I was knocked back by the impact to my face. Then I saw the wood was gone, my glasses were missing and my hard hat had fallen into the tank right behind me. I was crouching when doing the pumping, and had I lost my balance, I may have ended up next to my hard hat at the bottom of the tank.

Fortunately, I’m ok. I just have a little cut on my nose where the broken glasses cut me. No bruses.


7 Responses to “Don’t loose your head!”

  1. Dan Says:

    I think you should LEAVE that job VERY soon. Some day the close calls will be too close. :-/

  2. Gliebster Says:

    Yikes! /me crosses his fingers for you know what

  3. Bane Says:

    You know, honestly everytime I talk to someone that knows you and tell them what you do now they are like “what in the hell?”, which is pretty much my reaction to why you are still there.

    You’re seriously the best php application programmer I know. Even Chen said you pwn. Yet you’re working in a shipyard. Get something going man, you are way too gifted to be there. Just my opinion but damn these stories get scary.

    If this took the tone of a lecture it wasn’t meant that way at all. Just think you should be working out a plan to take over the world or something. 😉

  4. Dan Says:

    I second that motion! 🙂

  5. Dave Says:

    Get out of there mate! – I third that motion, you ARE too skilled to be working in a dangerous shipyard.

  6. Karin Says:

    I agree.

  7. Chad Says:

    Dude… I have been saying it since you started… get out of there.

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