Possible Job Opportunity

I have a friend who works at a local Christian college. This college may have a job position opening up. This would get me out of the shipyard and allow me free education (6 units per semester).

“Would you like to know more?”
(quote from Starship Troopers)

So, I’ve been praying about my employment status for quite some time now. And begging to get out of the shipyard since the week I got in (I mean that quite literally… that friday). However, it seems God has wanted me to stay there for at least as long as I did.

Lately, getting into full time ministry has been on my mind. But before that can happen, I’ll need schooling. In light of that, I have been asking God if it is His will that I go back to school full-time and get a part-time job.

July 4th, I shared this with my friend, and she incouraged me to keep praying and seeking God’s will. The following day, July 5th, I got an email from the same friend about a full-time job position which is expected to be opening soon. Among the job perks, full tuition reimbersment for up to 6 units per semester for undergrad classes, and half tuition for graduate classes. This looks like a good opportunity for me, and I’m really quite excited about it.

I sent an email out tonight and I plan on calling tomorrow. I really need to get in contact with the department head before Friday, as he goes on vacation for 2 weeks after that.

I’m praying that His had would be in the application process, that I would have wisdom to making the right decisions. And that I would have a peace to do His will and accept the outcome. I’d appreciate your prayers in this, too.


One Response to “Possible Job Opportunity”

  1. Bane Says:

    You know I wish you the best Mark. I’ve always had a good feeling about where you were going in life. Maybe this is the time to take that step.

    Good luck! I’ll cross mah fingers for ya!

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