Almost back

My server has been down for a few days now. I would have had it back up sooner, but I haven’t had the time to work on it.

What happened? Well, my mom won Round 2 with the Hedge Trimmer.

My mom was trimming a hedge with an electric hedge trimmer and whacked the electric cord. Unfortunately, that tripped a circuit breaker. So, she opened up our cirtuit breaker box and tried to find the tripped circuit. In our box, it’s rather hard to find a tripped circuit as the switches don’t appear to move. So she started to cycle the switches she thought it might be on, had no luck, then got a neighbor to cycle a few. Between the two of them cycling power accross the house, they got the right one back up so she can finish trimming the hedge (with a new power cord, of course). However, they also manage to power cycle my server in the process. 😦

My server made it up fine. All systems seem to have made it back up perfectly fine, except Apache, which is the one everyone sees (Murphy’s Law, right?). Now, the reason Apache failed is quite simple: It was my fault. A few months ago I decided to upgrade Apache, but I never finished tweaking the config file. I never restarted the Apache server because the new config files were not passing the configtest utility. So, for the last few months my server has been running on a cached version of apache with a newer, unconfigured version installed overtop. Had I finished tweeking the config files before restarting Apache, the upgrade would have been seemless. But the powercycle forced the system to try to load an misconfigured Apache (which obviously never made it up).

Apache is now up and running. But I noticed a strange bug…. I have two network cards in the server: is gigabit for my lan and is 10/100 for the rest of you guys to share ;-). When I try connecting any virtual hosts on the .20 address, I get a download prompt containing the raw, unparsed PHP code. But when I try on the .21 address, the sites behave properly. Bizare.

One Response to “Almost back”

  1. Mark Says:

    Well that was weird. I didn’t have the ip problem in IE, and I didn’t in FireFox on my laptop. So, I cleared the FireFox cache on my desktop and tried again. Bingo, no download prompt.

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