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For a few weeks now, I’ve been working on re-inventing the method my family uses to keep track of the movies we own. We started with a Word document, then Excel, and eventually Access. The Access database version was pretty cool. We had forms for adding movies, and reports to print out the lists. But I wanted more. I wanted to be able to display our library online and generate more statistics. And so, I started an online Hensler Movie Library.

This is very beta. Meaning that it will break, frequently, as I continue to develop it. Once it’s stable and I’m happy with it, I’ll add a link to it in my Links section.

Oh, and something to note… the list I have online is incomplete and out-of-date. We have quite a few more movies now. And I’m still adding more information to the movies which are already in the online list (like the media). To see (almost) everything I’ve got in there so far, look at the detailed report (printable version).


9 Responses to “Library project”

  1. Bane Says:

    I’ve had this on my @readreview at for a while now. Maybe it will help as far as getting your collection up to date:

  2. BIGtimber Says:

    This looks promising. I have been looking for something to catalogue my movies that didn’t require an application installed on the workstation. I started off much like you did with excel and then started working on a access DB, but found a heavy (18MB) program called Movie Organizer.

    Can’t wait to try your library. Hope that CSV or XML lists can be imported, hate to reenter 1275DVD’s plus the 400 GB that I haven’t burned yet.

  3. Mark Says:

    Woah! MediaMan looks cool. I spent a little time searching for a web script to do this, but never searched for a windows app. If it had a DB backend, I’d rewrite my script to interface with that.

    But that’s the main drive behind my small project: DB backend. I figured with a real DB, I can interface with it from wherever I want.

    Speaking of interfaces, I forgot to mention that my project currently only renders in FireFox. IE renders a completely blank screen and I haven’t tested in anything else. Kinda peeves me off that Internet Exploder can’t handle CSS2 properly. …but that’s another rant for another time.

    I already have a simple importer grabbing info from both Amazon and IMDB. Right now my DB only has fields for the very basic info. As the project grows, I’d like to be able to search for a action/adventure with Jackie Chan or maybe oldie-but-goodie 1950-something Alfred Hitchock movie staring that Stewart guy.

    John, send me a sample XML file and I’ll make an importer for it.

  4. galikanokus Says:

    oh my gosh…a post ….. he must be alive!! nice project so far

  5. Bane Says:

    When I had looked at that Mark my main hope was that whatever that things was it would have some sort of exporter, Since I had been building my music library ( I had naturaly thought to move it over to dvds/movies/video games. Since putting the items in manually was such a pain I thought a tool such as mediaman might make the conversion to online faster since building an importer for its data into your script might work.

    As far as IE / CSS2 goes we could likely fill a ballroom with complaints about that, but hopefully the upcoming ie7 will address a lot of that.

    It’s looking great though!

  6. BIGtimber Says:

    Since I had the ftp open, Well, back to watering my batteries. Thanks for looking into the xml.

  7. Bane Says:

    Just as a note I got to playing around with mediaMan and it exports to CSV. It’s an interesting program but its completely dependant on Amazons API so it’s hard to find some things in my collection. Like World of Warcraft…. That should be able to be found.

    The barcode scanning with webcam is neat though.

  8. Mark Says:

    I saw that MediaMan was using AWS to get it’s info, so I googled it. I found out that Amazon Web Service is free and allows me access to all kinds of info about products. So, I started creating an importer to utilize this.

    Also… I found out that Amazon owns IMDB. At the bottom of IMDB’s website, it says, “An Company.” When did this happen?!

  9. Bane Says:

    No idea, I actually had never noticed that!

    AWS is nice, I’ve been using it for the MP3 Database, but if you’re doing something like mediaman it would be nice if it could work from multiple services, though to be honest I’m not sure exactly what else you *could* use.

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