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CPR: Cell Phone Resuscitation

May 23, 2005

Split LipAfter church on Sunday, I went to a pot-luck. Good fun. Played some croquet, pool volleyball, xbox and whatnot. And, of course, at too much good food. After the pot-luck, when most everyone else had left, our church youth pastor came over with his wife and some friends from church. They had called earlier to say they wanted to start up a pool volleyball game in the evening. So, I stuck around.

So they all arrive and we start talking about something I can’t remember. For some reason, the youth pastor made a joking remark about not going into the pool. I replied that I would make sure he made it in… one way or the other. He challenged me that I couldn’t possibly force him into the pool.

Long Week

May 18, 2005

It’s only Wednesday and I’m worn out already. I have 2 hour classes Monday through Thursday this week. The training course this week is sheetmetal. “Pssh. Lightweight!”, you say? Not quite. Try cutting vent with a hack saw or tin snips, just to demonstrate that you know how to use the tool. Argh. I hate unnecessary labor.

I start the last part of my project tomorrow. If I finish it tomorrow, I wont be required to come in next Monday. Cross your fingers.

We’ve been robbed

May 4, 2005

No joke. We’ve been robbed.

My mom got home from shopping around 2pm and saw about 5 police cars near the entrance to our cul de sac and another in our driveway. A neighbor told her that the police caught a burgler as he was leaving our house. My mom then walked down to the swarm of squad cars and found a policeman to talk to. Apparently, he pulled up our garage door to gain access to the house. Only our garage doesn’t have a door to the house. Then he went around back and pried open our sliding glass door. Once in, he took my laptop, my dad’s laptop, my mom’s jewelry and my brothers prop gun, among other things. We should be getting the items back in the next few days.