Eye Contact

So, I had another match with Justin tonight. I started on my knees this time, as I’m a quit a bit taller. I got the upper hand rather quick, and Justin spent at least 5 minutes pinned on his stomach. I asked him over and over, “Do you give up?” To which he kept answering, “Not yet.”

I finally asked him, “What position do you have to be in to admit defeat?”
“On my back.”

No problem. I quickly swung him over and flat on his back. Unfortunately, somewhere in mid flight, his knee came up and struck my right eye. It was hard enough to explain the split lip last time. I don’t want to explain a black eye to my co-workers (“It was the same thirteen year-old who split my lip two weeks ago.”). 😦


8 Responses to “Eye Contact”

  1. galikanokus Says:


  2. Mark Says:

    That was a fast reply.

  3. Dan Says:

    You build ships but you take all your damage from a kid. 🙂

  4. galikanokus Says:

    i was online so what?

  5. Super MiniMan Says:

    You know your not that much taller, mabee five feet or so. And my knee was hurt too !!!!!not only your poor little eye!!

  6. Bigg Dogg Says:

    Suck it up. Stop crying. Is the 13 year old kid really 13? I thought he was 8

  7. Super MiniMan Says:

    Hey bigg guy why dont you get back too your sumo wrestling club or something!!!!!!

  8. Super MiniMan Says:

    Go hang out with your boyfriend there

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