Off Work

I just updated my calendar to reflect it. I have no work on Monday. Possibly Tuesday, but I must report anyway. They’re floating my ship this Sunday (floating: remove a ship from a dry dock by flooding the dry dock). Due to the time it takes to fill water balast tanks in an oil tanker, the ship will not be ready for workers on Monday.

Also, I may not have work tomorrow, Friday. They will be disconnecting shore power tommorrow, so it depends on when this happens. We may be sent home or re-assigned to somewhere else in the yard.

I’m so psyched! A three day weekend… with the possiblity of part of Friday off as well. w00t!


2 Responses to “Off Work”

  1. Bane Says:

    Grats on the weekend. 😀

    I noticed you’re using the calendar program as well so thought I’d ask. Do you ever have problems with publishing it? For some reason it’s not updating on my calendar when I change events from tentative to confirmed for example.

  2. starbucks Says:

    I wish i had 3 day weekends instead of no weekends at all ;(

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