How to not plan for a bonfire

My church’s youth group is having a bonfire in 8 days. So, I’ve decided to write a short manual on how to not plan for a bonfire. Just so we have it on file for next time.

Rule 1: Communication: Optional. No need to keep the committee updated. Like blind mice navigating a maze, they’ll all get to the cheese eventually.

Rule 2: Don’t do any planning until 2 weeks prior. No one needs advanced notice. After all, if you have time to go to a bonfire, you obviously have nothing to do.

Rule 3: Wait until the week before to confirm there is wood to burn. Scrap wood is in such plentiful supply, who doesn’t have any? And in the off chance that no one has wood, teenagers will volunteer their textbooks.

Rule 4: You dont need to RSVP untill days before. Food and carpools can be planned in hours, so don’t waste time now with what can be done later.


One Response to “How to not plan for a bonfire”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ha! most things are ALWAYS last minute…it bugs the heck out of me.

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