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Helping God

April 19, 2005

Helping God: How much help does God need?

The other day, I made a phone call to ask for something I wanted. This is something that I have been praying about for a while. And I had asked God several times to indicate one way or the other, but I never felt that I had a sure enough answer. Finally, I decided that I should simply make a phone call and ask. What more plain an answer than that which follows a direct question.

fixed calendar bug

April 17, 2005

I fixed the problem I had publishing my calendar. My online calendar is now being updated. You’ll notice another calendar file called “G-Force”, this is for the youth group at my church.

You’ll also notice that a lot of the times are off. This is because I have yet to figure out how to get phpicalendar to handle Daylight Saving Time.

fixed blog bug

April 15, 2005

If anyone has noticed. In some sections of my blog, the paging didn’t work. I just fixed it. I had some extra mod_rewrite lines in my htaccess file that were borking it all up. Removed the lines: Fixed the problem.

I’m happy now. 🙂

Eye Contact

April 15, 2005

So, I had another match with Justin tonight. I started on my knees this time, as I’m a quit a bit taller. I got the upper hand rather quick, and Justin spent at least 5 minutes pinned on his stomach. I asked him over and over, “Do you give up?” To which he kept answering, “Not yet.”

I finally asked him, “What position do you have to be in to admit defeat?”
“On my back.”

No problem. I quickly swung him over and flat on his back. Unfortunately, somewhere in mid flight, his knee came up and struck my right eye. It was hard enough to explain the split lip last time. I don’t want to explain a black eye to my co-workers (“It was the same thirteen year-old who split my lip two weeks ago.”). 😦


April 13, 2005

I’m a bit pressed for time lately. I was going to upload my Bonfire Highlights this afternoon, but decided to upgrad my Gallery install first. I’m loving the new version, BTW.

It’s just about 10pm, way way past my bedtime. And I’ve stopped the image upload for now. I hope to finish it tomorrow before I run to church for practice, but no promises. Untill then, enjoy the few photos that are in my new gallery!

Server downtime

April 13, 2005

I know that at least two of you saw my server down for little bit the other day. Yes, I was aware of it. In fact, I took it down intentionally. I installed a gigabit network card (in addition to the 10/100) and upgraded the kernel.

Bonfire Quick-Report

April 10, 2005

The bonfire was a great success, I felt. The turnout was good. I’m guessing over 40 after everyone showed up. The wood supply did last, however we did allow it to dwindle a few times. We played volleyball, tackle football and, after dark, capture the flag. We all enjoyed some BBQ burgers and dogs, music and some beach-front preaching from Wes. Oh, and not to forget — a bonfire!

I have over 800MB of photos in my posession. I intend to throw a small highlights sample online soon.

Off Work

April 7, 2005

I just updated my calendar to reflect it. I have no work on Monday. Possibly Tuesday, but I must report anyway. They’re floating my ship this Sunday (floating: remove a ship from a dry dock by flooding the dry dock). Due to the time it takes to fill water balast tanks in an oil tanker, the ship will not be ready for workers on Monday.

Also, I may not have work tomorrow, Friday. They will be disconnecting shore power tommorrow, so it depends on when this happens. We may be sent home or re-assigned to somewhere else in the yard.

I’m so psyched! A three day weekend… with the possiblity of part of Friday off as well. w00t!


April 7, 2005

Unproductivity. It’s what NASSCO‘s all about. Take today for example. After 18 man hours, we managed to fit a single pipe. Not that I didn’t enjoy myself, but it seems a little more could have been achieved. I think that because of poor planning on the part of upper management and poor communication on the part of production suppervisors, so many man hours are wasted.

How to not plan for a bonfire

April 1, 2005

My church’s youth group is having a bonfire in 8 days. So, I’ve decided to write a short manual on how to not plan for a bonfire. Just so we have it on file for next time.

Rule 1: Communication: Optional. No need to keep the committee updated. Like blind mice navigating a maze, they’ll all get to the cheese eventually.

Rule 2: Don’t do any planning until 2 weeks prior. No one needs advanced notice. After all, if you have time to go to a bonfire, you obviously have nothing to do.

Rule 3: Wait until the week before to confirm there is wood to burn. Scrap wood is in such plentiful supply, who doesn’t have any? And in the off chance that no one has wood, teenagers will volunteer their textbooks.

Rule 4: You dont need to RSVP untill days before. Food and carpools can be planned in hours, so don’t waste time now with what can be done later.